Our practice philosophy

We believe that every child is special, unique and deserves the best care possible. We take pride not only in our high-quality materials, state-of-the art technology, and skilled and compassionate providers, but in our philosophy of building strong relationships and providing personalized care. We recognize that not every child is the same. This is why we aim to customize each visit and make every treatment decision with your child's individual needs, preferences and history in mind. That being said, a key aspect of a visit to Playhouse Dental is that we take our time, un-rushed, to fully evaluate and understand each patient in order to develop a good rapport (and a strong level of trust) with parents and children. This is the foundation for creating fun, easy visits and a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our goal is to make sure your child is healthy, minimize any potential anxiety, and foster a long-term positive attitude towards dental treatment and health which will last through adulthood. 

A healthy mouth in a happy child is a result of multiple factors which include the individual child, parental influence and their own attitudes toward dental health, social factors, genetics, oral hygiene habits, and having a good dental home. We take our responsibility in doing our part as your child’s dental home seriously. We aim to make your children comfortable, arm you with the tools to make an educated decision regarding dental treatment, and provide high quality care with an emphasis on conservative and preventative dentistry. Our promise is to perform all care to the best of our abilities. There is no ceiling to our definition of “best.” Just as dentistry continuously improves, so do we. We know that the most valuable investment is in our education, materials and technology and we will never cease to continue to strive for the best. Thank you for placing your trust in us!


Playhouse Dental’s child-friendly flair!