Comprehensive Oral Exam

At Playhouse Dental we believe in prevention and conservative treatment. It is important that children are taught healthy habits early on so that they can have a good start and maintain a lifetime of good health. A comprehensive oral exam is necessary to make sure your child is staying on track and important for maintaining his or her dental health. It also is necessary to assess the current state of your child’s mouth and reveal the specific dental needs of your child and if any treatment is necessary. We recommend regular visits to the dentist for a comprehensive oral exam during a check-up visit based on your child’s specific needs and certain risk factors. Our pediatric specialists and child-friendly team will discuss how often your child should come back for check-ups.


What happens during the oral exam?

A clinical oral exam is necessary so we can visibly determine the actual state of your child’s mouth and all of its components. This is one way to determine if any cavities or problems are presents. Sometimes it is appropriate to get more information (regardless of whether we find any cavities or oral issues). Digital x-rays can be taken to complement the visual exam. After the exam is complete, we will explain all of our findings and any necessary future steps with you. Each visit will always include an educational component and we will teach both you and your child on how to maintain your child’s beautiful smile and oral health.

What types of treatments are offered during the exam?

At Playhouse Dental, we value prevention as the best treatment. We offer a wide variety of preventative treatments to prevent any future dental problems. Depending on your child’s age and individual needs these preventive procedures may include: a thorough dental cleaning, the placement of dental sealants, fluoride treatment, space-maintainers for missing teeth, and nightguards or athletic mouthguards.

What if treatment is necessary?

The best course of action for your child can be determined during the comprehensive oral exam. If we find any dental problems that require treatment, we will have a collaborative discussion with you regarding all of the available options for your child and eventually decide on the best treatment strategy together. Our treatment recommendations are always tailored to your child, with his or her personal and unique needs in mind. 

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