Why choose a Pediatric dentist (specialist)?

Finding a good dentist for your child can be especially confusing. We understand you only want the best for your child. You may wonder whether you should bring him to see a special pediatric dentist or just the dentist you usually see. Your dentist may even be a family dentist, see many children, and treat them very well. Dr. Chin herself practiced for two years as a general dentist treating a large number of children in California. After happily practicing this way and realizing she wanted to devote all of her timing treating her young patients and desired to make sure she would be caring for them to the best of her ability. In order to do so she decided to apply for a Pediatric Dental Residency to gain these skills and, two years later, she completed her pediatric specialty training in New York.

We want you to feel confident in making the best choice for your family. Here is some general information information to help you decide what works best for the care of your kid’s mouth and dental health.

Highly Specialized Training

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For your medical care, you seek out specialists for certain issues (podiatrists for feet problems, pediatricians for your children). Pediatric dentists have been specifically trained to treat children's developing teeth. They know the unique problems that children face, at the different stages of their developmental growth. Children lose their first teeth around the age of 6 and this process continues, with permanent teeth growing in, until they are teenagers. Pediatric dentists plan to address certain issues that are more prevalent at certain stages and understand the complexities of how teeth grow and develop. They are committed to setting children up for a lifetime of positive dental experiences and good dental health that lasts into adulthood. This starts when the child is an infant. Additionally, their extended training makes them experienced in dealing with uncooperative behavior (whether as a result of a young pre-cooperative age or fear and apprehension) and can help your child feel as comfortable as they can be at the dentist.

Equipment and Materials Specifically Designed for Children

Pediatric dentists design their offices and purchase smaller, specialized equipment specifically with a children in mind. Additionally, many pediatric dentists help ease your child into dental exams by introducing procedures, step-by-step using an effective child-friendly technique called “tell show do” which can work, even with very apprehensive children. This will introduce young patients (and get them accustomed to) complex and often “weird” and "scary-looking" equipment without overwhelming them.

Finally, what kid would not look forward to coming to a bright and friendly office, with each aspect of the visit tailored to them? From friendly greetings from staff upon arrival, to toys in the waiting room, bright and friendly decor, cartoons and popular children’s shows during the exam, and prizes and stickers at the end of the appointment - your chid will never want to leave! All these things lead to a very positive dental experienced designed for children specifically.

Focus on Preventative Care

Pediatric dentists are trained to practice with a focus on the prevention of dental problems to ensure lifetime of good dental health. These pediatric specialists can give you advice and teach your child about developing healthy habits, such as twice-a-day brushing, flossing and eating foods that promote good dental health. A pediatric dentist will also have the latest information on preventative and the most conservative treatments (such as topical fluoride treatments and sealants) as they pertain specifically to children.

How is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Different?

It’s important to know what “Board Certified” means before making an informed decision on whether it matters to you when choosing a Pediatric dentist for your child’s dental needs. The American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) certifies Pediatric dentists based on standards of excellence that lead to high quality oral healthcare for infants, children, adolescents, and patients with special health care needs. Not All Pediatric dentists are Board Certified by the ABPD. All dentists who complete a Pediatric Dental Residency program can practice the specialty of children’s dentistry with their certificate. However, participation and satisfactory completion of the examination process by the ABPD demonstrates a Pediatric dentist’s pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence. The examination process is designed to continually validate the knowledge, skills and experience that’s requisite to the delivery of quality patient care. Be confident in a Pediatric Dentist that has attained Board Certification with the ABPD - it represents the highest level of credentials in the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry!

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